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How to Backup Active Directory Fully in Windows Server 2016?

Managing network is a critical task in the networking world but not much tough with active directory. The Active Directory was first time introduced in Windows Server 2000 for centralized domain management. Before the active directory, Microsoft had added tools to manage users, computers but they were not as efficient as active directory. The Active Directory Services (AD DS) or directly… Read More »

Create DHCP Server Scope on Windows Server 2016 step-by-step

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server is one of the critical parts of today’s enterprise networks. When somebody request for IP (Internet Protocol), instead of a network administrator, a server distributes IP for the device. It is more effective and less expensive. Also, DHCP server provides more information to the clients such as default gateway, subnet mask. DHCP allows… Read More »

Initial Configuration of Group Policy Procedure

The Group Policy (GP) is the center of change and configuration features in Windows operating system. Also, You can specify settings for both users and computers inside your network. Settings include registry-based policies, security, script, and software installation. Group Policy affects groups of users or computers. Hence it is called Group Policy. You simply make a policy and… Read More »

Add Additional Domain Controller to Existing Domain step by step

As you know, Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) is installed on a server that is called Domain Controller (DC). You can add dozens of domain controllers to an active directory for load balancing, fault tolerance, etc purposes. All the domain controllers should contain the same contents like user accounts, computer accounts, etc for working as a group. They… Read More »

Create & Deploy Active Directory Snapshot in Windows Server 2016

Create Active Directory Snapshot on Current DC Before getting started, make sure both, the current DC and additional DC needs to be the member of the same domain and both of them should be active or approached by you. So that you can take a snapshot from current DC and deploy it on the new DC. Take Snapshot through… Read More »

How to Create Users and Computers in Server 2016?

The Active Directory is a depository of all information computers, users, and services and the Active Directory users and computers are the container of all the information about the users and computers and more than the information, you can manage users and computer accounts through this management tool whether you create, remove or manage users. In this article,… Read More »

Configure DNS Server Zones Fully on Windows Server 2016?

After installing DNS, of course, you need to configure DNS because it is an important task to make DNS work correctly. DNS stands for Domain Naming System and the goal of DNS is to change name to IP address and and IP address to name like when you open a server or a web page, you enter a name… Read More »

Install DNS Server on Windows Server 2016 fully step by step

When you install windows server it is just a box, nothing it there like services, if you want to use the services you should install and configure the services when you need them. The DNS stands for Domain Name System. When you create an account on a server or domain controller, your computer, and server communicates with each other by their… Read More »

Promote Windows Server 2016 to Domain Controller step by step

Active Directory which is the management service in Windows Server is installed on a server that is called Domain Controller (DC). When active directory have been installed on a server. You can promote the server to a domain controller. Every network needs at lest two domain controllers. When one of them is down, the other domain controller take the place… Read More »

Install DHCP Server on Windows Server 2016 step by step

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a network protocol used in Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Server that supports the protocol is called DHCP server. As its name indicates, DHCP server dynamically distributes IP for network interfaces and devices. When somebody sends a request for IP, DHCP server distributes IP address based on the DHCP server configurations. DHCP is a role in… Read More »

How to Add Multiple Servers in Windows Server 2016?

While managing your server and configuring it, you can add multiple servers to Server Manager in Windows server 2008, 2012 or 2016. When added you can receive online or offline status and create group based on their functions, location or any other organizational paradigm. Therefore, you can configure them fully from Server Manager like: adding roles and features… Read More »

Installing Roles and Features to VHD in Windows Server 2016

In addition to installing roles and features to server on a network, Server Manager enables you to install roles and features to VHD without accessing to it in an offline state. By using Server Manager, while installing roles and features you can select a server or either Hyper-V virtual hard disk (VHD) that is already installed windows server 2012… Read More »