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Deploying a Standalone Root CA in Server 2012 R2 (Part 1)

Today lets go through a step by step on how to Deploy a Standalone Root CA in Server 2012 R2. This will be a Part 1 of the ADCS deployment… 1st. what is Certification Authority (CA) ? A CA is a well-designed and highly trusted service in an enterprise, which provides users and computers with certificates, maintains the CRLs, and optionally responds… Read More »

Deploy DFS in Windows Server 2012 R2

Today, let’s go through a step by step on how to deploy Distributed File System (DFS) in Wndows Server 2012 R2, but before we start, you should know what is DFS all about. What Is DFS? Normally for domain users, to access a file share, they might use Universal Naming Convention (UNC) name to access the shared folder content. Many… Read More »

Network Access Protection (NAP) Deployment in Windows Server 2012 R2 – Part 4 of 7 (Configure Connection Request Policies for VPN) Step by Step

This is my Part 4 of 7 of NAP deployment, which is how to configure connection Request Policies for VPN… Before we start, lets go through a bit there & here about Connection Request Policy… “Connection request policies are sets of conditions and settings that allow network administrators to designate which RADIUS servers perform authentication and authorization of connection requests that the NPS server… Read More »

Delete Failed DCs from Active Directory

When you try to remove a domain controller from your Active Directory domain by using Dcpromo.exe and fail, or when you began to promote a member server to be a Domain Controller and failed (the reasons for your failure are not important for the scope of this article), you will be left with remains of the DCs object… Read More »

Network Access Protection (NAP) Deployment in Windows Server 2012 R2 – Part 1 of 7 Step by Step

As promised, today lets go through my Part 1 of 7, step by step on how to deploy Network Access Protection in Windows Server 2012 R2. I can promise you this deployment will be major, so many step to go through, and for that reason, i prepare 7 parts of the Step by Step so that you as… Read More »

Understanding GPO in Windows Server 2012

Group Policies are computer or user settings that can be defined to control or secure the Windows server and client infrastructure. Understanding GPO in Windows Server 2012 before actually configuring and applying policy settings is very important. It is easy to understand GPO in Windows Server 2012. There are some new features of GPO in Windows Server 2012.… Read More »

Generate New SID in Server 2012

Many of today’s Enterprise datacenters are running some form of virtualization. Server virtualization allows us to clone VMs. When it comes to Server 2012, the cloned VM with Server 2012 has duplicate copy of SID of machine from which it was cloned. The duplicate SID value causes lot of issues so each machine must have unique SID value.… Read More »

Create User Account in Server 2012 Domain Controller

The process of creating user account in Windows Servers has been almost the same since Server 2003. Here I will show on Server 2012. After installing domain controller, creating organizational units and user accounts are the very first tasks. There are several methods to create user account in server 2012 domain controller. You can create user account from… Read More »

Server 2012 NTFS File and Folder Permissions

NTFS (New Technology File System) permissions can be applied to files, folders and drives formatted with NTFS file system. NTFS permissions are same since the release of Windows Server 2000. NTFS permissions control the access of files and folders in NTFS formatted partition. NTFS permissions once applied is effective for both network users and local users. In this… Read More »

Install Domain Controller in Windows Server 2012

Domain Controller is a central repository for identity management. Active Directory Domain Controller allows you to create user accounts and manage them centrally using tools like Active Directory Users and Computers. It is very easy to install domain controller in Windows Server 2012. But before installing the domain controller, it is important to understand the pieces and concepts… Read More »

Install Windows Server 2012 as Virtual Machine in VMware Workstation

Hyper V is one of the hottest feature of Windows Server 2012. You will definitely want to install Hyper V server role and play around with it. Installing Hyper V role in server 2008 in VMware Workstation was difficult until VMware released VMware Workstation 9. Here I will show you how to install Windows Server 2012 as virtual… Read More »