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Configure Windows 2012 R2 NTP Server

‘Windows Time’ is a built-in time synchronization service in Microsoft Windows Server Operating System. Its first release was in Microsoft Windows Server 2000. Today we will show you how to configure the latest Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2 time service. This instruction shows how to modify registry entries to configure the Microsoft Windows Time Service to allow a Windows… Read More »

Configure Remote Access VPN Server In Windows Server 2016

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network that has been used for many years to provide remote connectivity and support. VPN is one of the most popular, secure, and cheap technique to connect remote branch offices and remote users over the Internet. There are various VPN authentication protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and IKEv2 that can be used… Read More »

Change SID in Windows Server 2012 R2

Most of the time when i was in the class @ testing some Windows Server / clients function, this error pop up stated that something about SID. This is happen when I clone the VHDx because i do not want to keep installing many vhdx images for testing purposes. So, to solve this issue, we need to use sysprep… Read More »

DHCP Failover in Server 2012 R2

After few month i gone missing / not updating my blog with my Step by Step, let continue today with DHCP failover in Windows Server 2012 R2. DHCP failover is a new feature on the Windows Server 2012. It provides the following features: Provide DHCP service availability at all times on the enterprise network If a DHCP server… Read More »

Domain Log On Auditing in Windows Server 2012 R2

This time lets go through a very simple method how you as a administrator can audit domain Log On so that you can track down / audit domain users that successfully & failure log on to their profile. When we are talking about audit, of course it also related to security issue. All IT Administrator understand that protecting IT… Read More »

Remove Virus Shortcut from your computer system

Method : Manual – With the manual.  Turn off system Restore. Turn off the virus by using wscript.exe tool CProcess or CurrProcess (click on link). Run Crocess, search tab on the process name wscript.exe then right click on the name of the file and click kill procesess selected. Open Windows Explorer, click the tool menu option, folder option, view, click… Read More »

Windows Server 2012 R2 AD Recovery

One of the most important steps in a recovery strategy for domain controllers is to perform the proper backups while everything is working correctly. In addition to regular full backups, administrators should perform regular system state backups. Restoring from a system state backup, is faster than restoring from a full server backup. Be aware of the Windows editions… Read More »

Installing Certificate Authority on Windows Server 2012 R2

Hi all, today lets go through another services that Windows Server 2012 can provide for your infrastructure, which is Certificate Authority (CA). ** in my next post, i will post step by step on Network Access Protection, so this Certificate Authority is one of the requirement that you need before you proceed with Network Access Protection.** “A certification… Read More »

Deploying an Enterprise Subordinate CA in Server 2012 R2 (Part 2)

As promised in my last post on Standalone Root CA https://mizitechinfo.wordpress.com/2013/08/29/step-by-step-deploying-a-standalone-root-ca-in-server-2012-r2-part-1/, today I’m glad to continue our journey on the Enterprise Subordinate CA deployment…   As usual, let me start by explaining a little bit about Enterprise CA ;,  – An enterprise CA is typically used to issue certificates to users, computers, and services, and is not typically used as an… Read More »

Deploying a Standalone Root CA in Server 2012 R2 (Part 1)

Today lets go through a step by step on how to Deploy a Standalone Root CA in Server 2012 R2. This will be a Part 1 of the ADCS deployment… 1st. what is Certification Authority (CA) ? A CA is a well-designed and highly trusted service in an enterprise, which provides users and computers with certificates, maintains the CRLs, and optionally responds… Read More »

Deploy DFS in Windows Server 2012 R2

Today, let’s go through a step by step on how to deploy Distributed File System (DFS) in Wndows Server 2012 R2, but before we start, you should know what is DFS all about. What Is DFS? Normally for domain users, to access a file share, they might use Universal Naming Convention (UNC) name to access the shared folder content. Many… Read More »

Manage File Server using FSRM File Screening in Windows Server 2012 R2

In this post, lets go through a step by step on how to manage our Office File Server using FSRM File Screening in Server 2012 R2. Before we start, let’s understand first what Is FSRM & File Screening Management? FSRM (File Server Resource Manager) is a set of tools that allow administrator to understand, control, and manage the… Read More »