Configuring AnyConnect WebVPN on Cisco Router

Facebook0Twitter0Google+0Linkedin0Total0In this post I will explain how to configure WEB VPN (or sometimes called SSL VPN) using the Anyconnect VPN client on a Cisco 870 router. Web Based VPN has three Remote Access modes: Clientless – You connect to a web page portal from which you can have access to web based applications, File Sharing and Outlook Web… Read More »

Deleting the VLAN Database from a Cisco Switch

Facebook0Twitter0Google+0Linkedin0Total0If you have your own Cisco switch equipment at your home lab or at your work environment you might have encountered the situation that you want to completely erase the whole switch configuration including any Vlans that are already configured on the switch. In a Cisco switch, erasing the switch startup configuration is one thing and erasing the… Read More »

Routing Redistribution on Cisco Routers

Facebook0Twitter0Google+0Linkedin0Total0In order for two Layer 3 devices (routers or layer 3 switches) to be able to exchange routing information, it is necessary to use the same routing protocol, such as RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, etc. Different routing protocols, or protocols configured differently (eg different EIGRP autonomous system) do not exchange information. However, when a device learns routing information… Read More »