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Configuring a GNS3 Ethernet NIO Cloud

Real World Application In this lab you will learn how to configure a GNS3 Ethernet NIO (Network Input/Output) Cloud used in labs found in the Free CCNA Workbook. If you are using GNS3 then throughout the Free CCNA Workbook you will be required to connect to the router using your host machine. The workbook was created so GNS3… Read More »

Configuring the GNS3 Topology

Real World Application This lab will teach you how to import the Free CCNA Workbook Lab topology into GNS3. This is required if you have not built a physical lab to use with this website. Real world application does not apply to this lab however in this lab you will learn how to configure the Free CCNA Workbook… Read More »

Installing Graphical Network Simulator v3

Real World Application GNS3 is commonly used as a training tool for those whom are interested in learning how to configure Cisco equipment or even those whom are seeking to achieve Cisco Career certifications. GNS3 is used by all levels of Cisco students for training from the CCNA all the way up to the CCIE Certification. GNS3 was… Read More »

Configuring a Cisco Access Server

Real World Application: This lab will teach you how to configure a Cisco Access Server which can be used to access all your Cisco Lab devices from a single point of administration. Often times, many companies will utilize Access Servers for direct console access to a Cisco device in a network rack, this allows the remote administrator(s) to… Read More »

Identifying Cisco Router & Switch IOS

Real World Application This lab will help you will identify the Cisco Internetwork Operating System (Cisco IOS) Running on a Cisco Device. Knowing what Cisco IOS Version and Feature Set is running on your Cisco devices is crucial to planning and deploying required features. Think of Feature Sets as Windows Vista Distributions, you have Basic, Home Edition, Home… Read More »

Connecting to a Cisco Device via Console

hile most terminal emulation software differs in available features and/or protocols, all terminal emulators achieve the same goal. In this walk through, Putty will be used, which is freely available (See Lab Summary) to connect to a Cisco device and establish a console session to the Cisco Command Line Interface. Step 1: Connect your Cisco console cable or… Read More »